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Self-service kiosks advantage in hospitals

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Self-service kiosks advantage in hospitals
Latest company news about Self-service kiosks advantage in hospitals
  1. Costs reduction

  Implementing self-service kiosks in hospitals are able to reduce costs for the facility, which enable to save the hosptial from using printing page, filing the forms, and let those patients to quickly look up notifications on that particular patients without having sort through piles and cabinets of paperwork. Moreover, with self-service kiosks, nurses spend less time doing the bulk of the hospital's adminstrative duties and more time providing care for patients.



       2. Patient times saver


  The need to fill out paper forms is replaces with an easy-to-operate digitized system.Normally the administrative staff have to manually record the patients' informations and find the appropriate medical department that will tend to the patients' healthcare needs. This process can be eliminated as self-service kiosks make it easier to check-in and verify patient information by simply swiping an ID card.



       3. Handmade Errors killers


    Sometimes mistakes happen. Using high-tech Kiosks help reduce data entry errors made by an adminstrative staff accidentally. By crowdsourcing the filing of the electronic portfolio to patients, chances of errors are reduced since they are usually spend in getting the best treatment for themselves. Duplicate consent forms and medical data going into the system (EHR) are not likely to happen as the device will simple alert a hospital staff if they have an existing record in their system.



        4. Payment method improvement


     Kiosk enable tying patients to access Web-based portal between payment and patient. Patients can pay their medical bill by simply swiping or inserting Cr card info intopayment system. The device also imform the patient of any outstanding balances, print out payments/ medical certificates, as well as notify the hospital if any patient have generated billing issue from the system. 


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