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China Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd certification
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Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd

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Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd Shenzhen MingTech Co.,Ltd
China Social Insurance
China Social Insurance
China Social Insurance

China Social Insurance

More patient are turning to a self-serve approach when it comes to healthcare. Now this does not mean they have taken to operating by themselves, but they are checking into hospitals without the assist from medical administrators.

China Social Insurance

Sometimes mistake happen. Using electronic kiosks help reduce data entry errors made by an administrative staff. The chances of errors have reduced since they are usually invested in getting the best treatment of themselves.

China Social Insurance

This is also setted that dupicate medicate date going into the electronic health record are not likely to happen as the device will simple alert the hospital staff if they input an existing record in the system.

  • Production Line

    Production line


    Service concept: to provide quality and fast production and after-sales service to meet customer needs.

    Quality goal: project delivery pass 100%.


    Quality policy: full participation in standard management and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

    Function department: PMC ,Purchasing Department, Manufacturing Department ,Quality Department, Engineering Department.

    Operation process: in accordance with production order process, production process, SMT, quality control process, quality control process and other quality control processes, carry out product order order, material purchase, incoming material inspection, production process, inventory storage and other links control.


    Operation system: We have two system software:the ERP software and PLM software, is used to control the data and production data of customer orders, material purchase, production warehousing and other production links.

    Production equipment and capacity:
    1.Own the the line of SMT production ,after welding, test,pack.The production capacity can reach 30,000 a month.


    2.Our Outsourcing processingfactory own three SMT production line,which production capacitycan meet daily production needs


    3.It can not only flexibly respond to the production delivery time of small batch multi-variety products to meet various customized customers, but also can meet the high quality and efficient delivery of large quantities of orders.



    When we are demanded to offer ODM service , to provide ODM service with us, we willconfirm in the early stage of the customer needs,which require product specific specifications and requirements, time period, as well as the basic fee .Customers also need to provide us with the corresponding authorization, after signing a corresponding contract documents, we will be in accordance with the contract time and ask for research and development and production tasks.

     We has been providing manufacturing services to a diverse range of customers and industries based in both domestic and international markets.  One stop resource with a verically intergrated manufacturing facility, includes product engineering design, precision sheet metal,fabrication process, electronic assembly, power coat, paint silk screen, final assembly and test. 

  • R&D

    Since the company swt up,R&d team have had well-established system with hardware engineer SCM engineers Windows & android and IOS driver engineer about 30 people.The core team members engaged in the industry more than 15 years experiences.


    The product has passed several industry certifications,such as the international EMV, domestic financial PBOC ,social security,Medical & Health, traffic,live built and so on.


    R&D management in product research and development management process as the main line, formulate product development plans, constantly updating a import company project management mechanism, and to achieve informatization (PLM zen master ERP CRM, etc.) management to ensure that the project meets the target on time and in quality.

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